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Bath tub back rubs?


Idina worked with animators to make elsa’s singing feel realistic. 
"They wanted to know how I sing, really, what do I do when I breath"


….What the hell indeed…

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people vaguely hinting that kim and ron will get together eventually in the comments of a blind commentator’s video who’s only at early season 3
can you not it makes me so anxious
i mean like he’s probably figured it out considering he’s seen emotion sickness AND bad boy (the ‘not that i’m asking you…’ scene) but come on

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ok i love the fact there’s always love for esmeralda floating around in disney posts and photosets and stuff but god dammit where’s all the love for quasimodo

more love for quasimodo 2k14

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I like how Rin’s intro theme from the first season of Free! is this huge badass number with guitar riffs and drums and rapping and totally makes you think we’re in for a real hardcore antagonist…

… when in reality he’s just

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Here’s my little sister’s reactions to episode 9 of Free! Eternal Summer! Sorry for the delay (again) sob. I recently picked up a job and she’s recently started up school again so we’ve been a little busy! But of course we’ll always manage to make free time. ;)

… as you can see, even during terrible episodes like this, she finds a way to poke fun at everyone. If I could count the number of shoulder jokes she’s made since this episode, there would be… way too many hahaaaa.

As always, be sure to check out her other reactions here!

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Anonymous asked:
Teehee, Free! could easily become an extremely tragic story if they ever decided to kill one of the characters off. Like imagine if Makoto died. He's so close to everyone, all his friends would lose it.
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Who’s ready for the Mile High Club

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